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Make Sales with an E-Commerce Website in London and the South East

We use WordPress to create an e-commerce website for your London business.

If you are selling online then you need an e-commerce website that makes the process straight forward, user friendly and manageable. We use WordPress to build our clients stylish visually appealing e-commerce websites that make selling online easy and simple. WordPress is the most popular content management system on the internet and because WordPress is so widely used there are always innovative options we can utilize to make your e-commerce site more effective.

Ottershaw Cacti grew their South East business with A WordPress e-commerce website built by Intertec

Ottershaw cacti won gold at the RHS Chelsea, London. When Ottershaw Cacti wanted a new website to sell their unique range of products and services it seemed a daunting prospect that they had been putting off. By building them a WordPress E-commerce website the business is flourishing and going from strength to strength. What makes WordPress e-commerce websites so special it that they are really user friendly and it is easy to add new products, images, and descriptions. As part of the build, they also have complimentary pages demonstrating their knowledge, and educating their customers how to nurture and grow their cacti. When choosing to use WordPress, they were able to scale and grow the e-commerce website in size, adding to the product range as their business grew. You can read theirs, and other client testimonials here.

What is special about a WordPress e-commerce website?

WordPress is an open source content management system with so many users around the world it is a tried and tested e-commerce solution for so many businesses. It is powerful, popular, and scalable. Using WordPress, there is no limit to the number of product pages you can add. Products can be organised in a multitude of ways giving the user complete flexibility when adding or making changes to the product range. Using WordPress for your e-commerce website you have full control over inventory management so you can manage the supply and demand in real time with no fuss.

Using sales and discount codes with WordPress e-commerce websites.

By using the e-commerce functionality with your WordPress website, creating and sales discounts is simple. Even better, you can apply discounts in bulk to product ranges and make global changes to pricing should you wish. Perhaps you want to offer volume discounts or provide your customers with discount codes for future purchases. With a WordPress e-commerce website, it is all possible and you can manage the entire system yourself as it has a user friendly interface that is simple to use and you don’t need complex coding.

Add your preferred Payment gateway with WordPress

One of the most important elements of any e-commerce website is the check out cart and payment gateway. By deciding to have your e-commerce website designed and built in WordPress, you can choose which payment gateway to use. To prevent shopping carts being abandoned at the checkout, taking customer payment needs to be a smooth seamless process, you don’t want clients abandoning their purchase because of a lack of choice when it comes to submitting their details.

Why choose Intertec as your WordPress website development team

A company with 20+ year’s experience, with a proven track record for delivering high quality WordPress e-commerce websites to many happy clients across many industries, we know what we are doing. We take great pride in designing and developing bespoke WordPress e-commerce websites for clients that are fully functioning user friendly and visually appealing. When you avail yourselves of some of our other services, we can also ensure that your WordPress ecommerce website is fully search engine optimised to be found in online searched. For details of how we can provide this with our SEO Services

We build most of our websites using WordPress but, we can use other CMS Content Management Systems Solutions In London and the South East that are available.

Call or email

When you book a consultation with us, we sit down either here at our offices in Farnborough or your own location if you preferer. We will discuss the goals you have for growing your business and see where our WordPress e-commerce website design and development skills and experience can fit with your organisation. If there is a good fit we will discuss and agree your requirements and timescale, content creating, either from yourself or we can offer a done for you service. Colours, themes, images and style. Then we can get started designing you a WordPress e=-commerce website to be proud of.

So call us now on 01276 691199 or email us [email protected] and book in a free consultation and get your new WordPress e-commerce website up and running, growing your business on a solid foundations.